Equal protection and the CCPA

I'm going to be writing down some thoughts that have been on my mind for a long time. There is a good chance that my words will offend many people a great deal. Emotion is easily tangled up into these subjects. I was personally very emotional about the subject matter for a long time. However, what I want to convey is a simple and logical explanation for one of the ways we are failing to live up to our nation's promise, and how we can do better.

Religious freedom also means your religion does not make laws

There is tremendous support and tremendous opposition to the notion of two men or two women getting married right now. Duh. That's old news. With a presidential elction looming it's even bigger news. Not surprising there either. Politicians love to drag out social issues like this during presidential election cycles to smokescreen their grab for power. Don't believe it, they're greedy and want power or else they wouldn't be in politics. I doubt very much that many of them give a fig who marries who. They're just getting votes in the oldest ways, by appealing to our lowest common denominator, our feelings and beliefs.

'counterfeit and alternative lifestyles'

Oh the power of words. A younger version of myself joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) in 1995. I was freshly married to a young Mormon girl, who I loved dearly, and after a lot of soul searching I felt like I had truly come to believe in the doctrines that the church tought. A lot has changed since those days. Much of it is unimportant pertaining to this blog post, but one subject continues to irritate me. The church remains staunchly opposed to any real recognition of gay relationships.

In honor of Palm Sunday

I offer the following by way of clarification.

And oh yeah, Putin's loudest critic was shot today.

Boris Nemtsov, the most outspoken critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin, was shot dead today near the Kremlin in Moscow. Vladimir Putin has speculated that the assassination was "a provocation aimed at destabilising the country", and has assumed "personal control" over the investigation into the shooting.

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